What makes up Clairis lenses?

Clairis contact lenses are daily-disposable color contact lenses designed to enhance or transform eyes with a natural effect. Each lens is made of 42 percent Etafilcon A, a moisture-retaining hydrogel, and 58 percent water. The unique chemistry of this material allows a high flow of oxygen through the contact lenses, also called oxygen transmissibility.

Why is it important for oxygen to pass through the contact lens to the eye?

Oxygen is essential for the health of your cornea as insufficient oxygen may cause corneal swelling, infection and/or lead to red, irritated eyes.

What is the base curve and diameter of your lenses?

Clairis lenses have a base curve of 8.5mm and a diameter of 14.2mm, which are suitable for many contact lens wearers. 

Do Clairis lenses provide UV protection?

Clairis lenses block UVA and UVB rays, and help protect against the transmission of harmful UV radiation to the cornea.

How many lenses are in a box?

A box contains ten (10) lenses or five (5) pairs.

Can the contact lenses get lost in my eye?

This is highly unlikely, if impossible. A membrane that connects to the inside of your eyelids covers your eye so there’s no chance that your lenses could get lost in your eye.

Can contact lenses scratch my eye?

Such contact lens-related problems can occur but are unlikely. Common eye health issues caused by contact lenses are due to poor-fitting or low-quality lenses, or by not taking care of your lenses as you should.

Can my eyes get infected from wearing contact lenses?

Contact lens-related health problems and infections can occur, especially if you don't practice proper hygiene when inserting or removing your lenses. Follow directions for proper wear and care to prevent infections from happening.

Can contact lenses get stuck to my eye?

This is unlikely to happen. You can easily remove contact lenses using the methods we recommend or from what your eye doctor tells you.

How do I know if my contact lenses are the right side-out?

Place the lens on the tip of your finger with the edge of the lens facing upwards and hold it close to your eyes. If the lens is right side up, then it will be cup-shaped with the edges curved upright. Lenses showing a V-shape with a clear rim around the edge or the edges flaring out indicate that it’s turned inside-out.


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Wear and Care

The Clairis safety promise

Clairis sells daily-disposable contact lenses, which are known to be more hygienic compared to longer-wear lenses. By choosing daily lenses over monthlies or bi-weeklies, you significantly reduce your risk of infection or contamination since they eliminate the need for consistent handling and reusing.

Ease of application

Apart from being incredibly comfortable, Clairis contact lenses are easy to put in and remove, too. Here’s a guide detailing how to insert and remove them with confidence. 

● Wash your hands with a mild soap. Rinse hands and then dry them with a lint-free towel.

● It’s best to position yourself in front of a mirror. Close the drain if applying lenses near a sink.

● Always use your fingertips, and not your fingernails, when handling lenses.

● Using the tip of your forefinger, gently remove the lens from the blister pack with the cup side up. You can also carefully drop the lens from the pack into your palm.

● Make sure the lens is right side-out. The edges of the lens will curve upright when right side-out, and will flare out slightly if it’s inside-out. Carefully reverse it if it is inside-out.

● Inspect the lens for tears, particles or tears.

● Pull your bottom eyelid down using the middle finger of the hand that is holding the contact lens. Hold your upper lid up with the other hand.

● Place the lens on the center of your eye or on top of the cornea. You can either look up while doing this or look straight ahead into the mirror.

● Slowly move your finger away from your eye. Close your eyes briefly to help position the lens.

● Follow the same steps to insert the other lens.

●  You can apply lens lubricant or eye drops if your lenses feel dry or if your vision becomes blurry during wear. Consult your eye doctor if this happens often.

Recommended length of wear

Clairis colored lenses are meant for daily or one-time use and can be worn up to eight (8) hours*. Clairis lenses should not be worn more than once and must be disposed of after each wear. If you’re experiencing any dryness or discomfort at any point in the day, or if your vision becomes foggy or cloudy, then lenses should be removed immediately. 


*Colored contact lenses can be worn for eight (8) hours or longer if there is no irritation or dryness.

When to wear contact lenses

Clairis contact lenses can be worn for both prescription and aesthetic purposes. Plano or non-prescription lenses can be worn on a daily basis to enhance your look, while prescription contact lenses are a great alternative when doing certain activities or even for everyday wear. Unlike glasses, contacts won’t steam up, fall off or break or smudge, and you won’t lose any peripheral vision.

How to remove your soft contact lenses

● Wash your hands with a mild soap, rinse completely and dry with a lint-free towel. Close any nearby sink drains.

● Keep your head straight and look upwards.

● Pull your lower eyelid down using your middle finger then touch the lower edge of the lens with the tip of your index finger. You can also hold up the upper lid to prevent blinking.

● With the help of your thumb, gently compress or“fold up” the lens and slowly remove from the eye.

● Remove the other lens following the same procedure.

For more tips and advice, you can email us at info@crlperception.com

Using eye drops with contact lenses

Clairis does recommend using eye drops while wearing contact lenses, as long as these are compatible. If you’ve been prescribed any medicated eye drops, please check with your eye doctor or prescriber before using them with Clairis contact lenses.

Versatile for playing sports or working out

Users are encouraged to wear Clairis contact lenses while playing sports or working out at the gym.

Not advisable for swimming

Wearing your contact lenses while swimming is not advised. Bacteria in the water may contaminate your lenses and cause infection. If you do swim while wearing contact lenses, we recommend you either wear goggles or remove your lenses as soon as possible afterwards to reduce the risk of infection.

Remove while in the shower, bath, sauna or steam room

Removing your lenses before taking a shower, getting in the bathtub or entering a sauna or steam room is highly recommended. Tap water and sweat contain bacteria, while soaps and shower products contain chemicals, all of which can cause irritation to your eyes.

Caring for eyes while sleeping

We don’t recommend sleeping with contact lenses on as this cuts off the oxygen supply to your eyes and may cause irritation or damage.

Sharing contact lenses

We do not recommend sharing your contact lenses with anyone, friends or family.

Contact lens use during Covid-19

It is safe to wear contact lenses as long as you wash your hands thoroughly before inserting and removing your contact lens. Using Clairis daily disposable lenses may be a safer alternative because they don’t require constant cleaning. 

Highest safety standards

To make its contact lenses, Clairis has partnered with an internationally recognized and certified supplier that adheres to the highest industry standards.


Our supplier holds the following ISO certifications: ISO 13485, Taiwan GMP, Japan PMDA, and Korea MFDS. 

Quality control assured

Clairis contact lenses are examined by specialists, and constructed with safety and comfort in mind. Each individual lens undergoes advanced automatic optical inspection (AIO) in every level of production, from dry lens to coloring, to hydration, to sterilization, to packaging. No human hands touch the lenses in any part of the process.

Let Clairis know your thoughts, and if you have any queries or clarifications.

Email us at info@crlperception.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.